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The Price Sierakowski Corporate legacy writes a new chapter as Palisade Corporate

Due to recent changes in personnel at the executive level, prestigious law firm Price Sierakowski Corporate announces their rebrand to Palisade Corporate. Highlights

  • Price Sierakowski Corporate rebrands to Palisade Corporate.

  • Adam Sierakowski, Brett Molony and Connor Graham remain as company Directors.

  • Company emphasis on strong culture, contemporary values and innovative business practices.

  • Palisade Corporate links the company's legacy with the symbolic mountain meaning “Sierra” in Latin.

  • Palisade Corporate operational as of February 1st, 2022.

1st February 2022

Price Sierakowski Corporate, Corporate Lawyers based in Perth, Western Australia, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding after the departure of long serving directors.

Established in May 1999 by Paul Price and Adam Sierakowski, Price Sierakowski Corporate is a boutique corporate law firm created with a focus on their clients' needs and a desire to achieve commercial outcomes that forge long standing relationships.

“For over 22 years Price Sierakowski has been inextricably linked to clients for being a bespoke Perth corporate law firm that produces commercial outcomes through its network of experience and expertise. We are passionate that this legacy, contributed to in no small part by our late director and friend Simon Jenkins, shall be continued, and the timing was right to rebrand and invigorate the business to grow substantially alongside our clients in this next exciting chapter.” said Director Adam Sierakowski.

“Price Sierakowski has always been a company dedicated to building client relations and aligning ourselves to the interests of our clients.” said Director Brett Molony. “We want the new brand to carry on that legacy, and we think that the new look business is something that our team and corporate partners can be excited to be a part of.”

“When a company has such a strong foundation it is important to embrace your history and remember where you’ve come from. I think there is a real excitement among the team and I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Palisade Corporate” Director Connor Graham said.

Lachlan Horn of Brand Management firm Coup Studio said: “Through an in depth brand analysis, we developed the name Palisade Corporate, to reflect the history and evolution of the company, whilst maintaining a symbolic link between the old and the new. The word “Palisade” refers to a fortified mountain range and ties in with the symbolism of the mountain that represents the culture of the Sierakowski name.” Media Contact

Lachlan Horn Director - Coup Studio


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